Virology, metabolism, and an awesome anesthesiology website

Today, I started the Ebola course from Emory University on Coursera. I was disappointed not to see a syllabus posted anywhere in the course materials. I’m already fairly familiar with the epidemiologic aspects of the disease, and so I’m hoping for a course that goes into detail about the virus’ mechanisms and life cycle, which I know less about. (My understanding of virology in general is pretty basic, and I’d love to explore this topic more.)

However, the first week’s materials have me intrigued. I admit to fangirling when I opened the first video lecture and found out it was being given by Dr. Anthony Fauci — yes, THE Anthony Fauci, famed HIV researcher and head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The other lectures I’ve listened to so far have been good, but not too challenging for someone with a general familiarity with epidemiology and zoonotic disease. It’s a nice way to begin a course, but will hopefully the material will become more in-depth as things progress.

In other news, I wanted to read up more about cellular respiration and metabolism for a different course I’m taking, Vital Signs from UPenn. Through google, I encountered this informative article on GasExchange. I’d never read GasExchange before, but no that I’ve found it, I don’t want to stop. But I’ll have to, as there’s work to do this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Virology, metabolism, and an awesome anesthesiology website

  1. Hey Kathryn, thank you so much for your kind words about GasExchange.com! It’s great to hear you found the articles interesting / it has been a labor of love since founding the site back in 2009 first as just a Q&A resource.

    You may also find gasexchange’s younger sister site metajournal.com interesting if you want to keep up to date on anaesthesia, emergency medicine and critical care related research.

    Hope you enjoy the Coursera learning! (btw – your Coursera Ebola link seems to be broken)



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