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Viewing archived courses on Coursera

Today I wanted to review some materials from one of my favorite Coursera courses – Introduction to Forensic Science from Nanyang Technological University. In the past, I’ve been able to access materials from completed courses by going to my “past” or “archived” courses page on my dashboard and selecting the name of the desired course.

But today I was only able to access the course information page (linked above), not the actual curriculum. I went into my internet history  and looked up the direct address for the course materials, which was This got me a page that looked like the curriculum page, but was devoid of any content.

I’m pretty bummed. Had I known my access to these materials would be removed, I would have downloaded them to my computer.

I decided to check on Foundational Neuroscience for Perception and Action and was able to access those archives. So apparently it’s no a sitewide issue.

Has anyone else run into problems accessing archived materials? Is the removal of archived curricula determined by the schools that offer the courses, or by Coursera? In the past, I’ve received emails from universities when they were planning to shut off access to archives, so we could download any materials we wanted to save. This incident really threw me for a loop. Continue reading

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Coursera’s Statements of Accomplishment disappear from Accomplishments page

Anyone else have an Accomplishments page on Coursera that now looks like this?:

Untitled 2
The Accomplishments page on the Coursera platform has been updated. In the above screenshot taken from my own course pages (full name redacted), there is a section for Verified Certificates, but none for Statements of Accomplishment.

I went to the help page suggested by Coursera, but it hasn’t been updated to reflect what’s going on here (though I did all the things suggested there, to no avail). I’ve also submitted a help request, but I’m curious to know whether other people are having this issue and when it first popped up.

Of note, the only reason I went to my Accomplishments page today was because I’d received an email from Coursera telling me I’d received a new Statement of Accomplishment for Introduction to Forensic Science from Nanyang Technological University (which I highly recommend, by the way; the lectures take up more time per week than in most Coursera courses, but I think that’s a plus, and the case studies made the course extremely engaging). So I doubt this is an underhanded attempt by Coursera to make Statements of Accomplishment unavailable — and if it is, it’s very poorly executed.

Update: Here’s the note I got back from Coursera:

Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for contacting us.

We apologize for the inconvenience, our engineering team is aware and are working to restore access to the Statements of Accomplishment. Please be patient as we work on this, we are looking forward to have this fixed as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Have a great day!

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Free MOOCs? Forget about it.

Remember the halcyon days when MOOCs (massive, online open courses) were going to revolutionize the world, eliminating barriers of class and geography that were preventing hardworking, intelligent people from receiving—and benefitting from—an education?

Over the past month, Coursera has quietly implemented a huge policy change that gives up on that dream.

It will no longer be offering free Statements of Accomplishment to students who successfully complete (pass) Coursera courses.

If you’re a student who wants to share your achievement with current or potential employers, you’ll have to pay for that certificate. Continue reading